No Mow May

During the month of May, the City of Green Bay will relax the enforcement of long-grass rules, allowing Green Bay residents to delay or reduce lawn cutting as a way to promote pollinator-friendly habitat early in the growing season. Participation is voluntary; however if you choose to participate, ANNUAL ONLINE REGISTRATION IS MANDATORY AND POSTING A CITY-ISSUED YARD SIGN IS REQUIRED

How to Participate in No Mow May:

  1. City of Green Bay residents needed to register online before May 7, 2023. Registration is now closed.
  2. Reuse your City-issued yard sign from last year, or pick up a yard sign at one of the following locations:
  3. Display the City-issued* yard sign in your front yard for the month of May.
  4. Keep the sign to use again for next year!

*Displaying a City-issued yard sign is required and signifies participation in the month-long program. Please allow at least 1 business day from the date of registration before picking up a City-issued yard sign. 

Conclusion of No Mow May

Grass may be quite long at the conclusion of NO MOW MAY. Keep these tips in mind for encouraging pollinators and maintaining a healthy lawn throughout the growing season:

  • Do not use pesticides on lawns when encouraging pollinators. 
  • Adjust the mower to the highest setting and make the first pass to reduce the grass height. After you’ve reduced the grass to a more manageable height during the first pass, change the mower setting by lowering the height of the blade before making a second pass. 
  • Do not cut more than one-third of the grass blades at a time in a single mowing. For example, if your lawn is six inches tall, do not remove more than two inches of length off the leaf blades. This helps prevent root stress and promotes turf vigor. 
  • Rake out and/or remove grass clipping clumps that may result from mowing to promote lawn health. 
  • Reuse your sign! Consider saving your yard sign for No Mow May next year or for different future use.  You could attach a new message to them, use in school projects or use it to promote a special event. At the very least, save the wire stands to use for the next time you need to post signs or donate them to an organization that will use them. 

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below or contact the Public Works Department if you have questions at (920) 448-3535 or email DPW

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