Conservation Corps

Green Bay Conservation Corps

With 2,658 acres of recreational space and greenways in the City of Green Bay, the Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department created an AmeriCorps program to bring more conservation efforts to Green Bay. 

Conservation Corps crews are responsible for improving trail systems throughout Green Bay, invigorating pollinator habitats with new native plantings and improving native habitat with restoration practices. 

Crew members receive a living allowance, on-the-job training, and are eligible for the Segal education award after completion of their term. Now hiring for summer members.

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Interested in volunteering with the Crew? Contact the Conservation Corp Coordinator today! Adopt a park or trail with your group or organization. More information here.  

In December 2022, Mayor Genrich and Chief of Staff Rivera-Wagner discussed the envisioning, development, and launch of the GBCC in an episode of the 'S Files'. In a second episode, Conservation Corps members discussed their service with the GBCC.

Rain Garden Workbook

Click here for the Rain Garden Installation Workbook (PDF)

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