If so, what criteria do we allow home owners to prune their City tree?

All basal sprouts can be pruned by the homeowner. Small low branches that are touching you as you walk under them or branches that are touching a vehicle can be pruned by the homeowner with a hand saw or hand pruner to remove the branch. Using chainsaws, ladders, power pole pruners and climbing up into the tree is prohibited.

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1. When is planting season?
2. When is pruning season?
3. When is tree cutting season?
4. When are stumps removed?
5. If we remove a stump, do we reseed?
6. If we prune or cut down a tree, do we pick up the mess?
7. Can people prune their City tree if branches are hanging low?
8. If so, what criteria do we allow home owners to prune their City tree?
9. Can people prune trees all year?
10. When can oak and elm trees be pruned?
11. Can people cut down an oak tree during the pruning ban?
12. Who prunes trees in an alley?
13. Who do I call about branches hanging into the utility lines along the streets or alleys?
14. What do people do with the Ash trees?
15. If we take down a City tree, can the homeowner request the wood?
16. If a limb is dangling or down, does the Forester need to be notified right away?
17. When will the Forester reply to service requests from citizens?
18. A citizen would like their driveway widened. What procedure is needed to have a tree removed?
19. What do I do if a neighbor’s tree is infringing on my property?
20. What if my neighbor’s tree is dead and I'm worried that it will fall on my house?
21. What happens when the sidewalk is lifting because of the tree roots?
22. What happens when the tree is causing problems with the sewer?
23. Who do I call about picking up my brush pile?