The snow plow damaged my mailbox. Who is responsible for fixing it?

Mailboxes and mailbox posts located at the street can be damaged from snow pushed against them or a plow accidentally hitting them.  Most mailbox damage is recorded/reported by the plow operator when it happens.  But sometimes the plow driver does not realize that a mailbox was damaged from their activity.  If you have a broken mailbox or post that was damaged from DPW plow activity, don’t hesitate to contact DPW to report it.  The City addresses plow-damaged mailboxes in one of the following ways:

  1. Standard wooden post/metal mailbox installations are repaired/replaced by DPW
  2. Plastic/molded mailboxes can be 1) replaced by DPW with a wood/metal installation, or 2) replaced/repaired by the resident and reimbursed by DPW for costs incurred.  There is a limit to the repair cost reimbursement though.
  3. Architectural stone/brick mailboxes must be repaired by the resident.  Due to the high cost of these types of mailbox installations, the resident must request reimbursement of repair costs through the City’s Claims Committee.  Those claims are administered through the City’s Legal Department.  Claims Committee reviews each claim and makes a ruling on reimbursement.

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