How can I get personal information?

In order to access most of the information above, a requester must complete and submit a Permissible Uses Form (PDF). If a requester fails to meet an appropriate authorization under Section III on the request form, he/she will receive records with all of their personal information contained therein but personal information pertaining to other individuals may be redacted (blacked out); the requester will still be billed for the cost of the record. This form applies to all record requests, not just driving records. 

Disclaimer: DMV photographs, Social Security numbers, telephone numbers, juvenile and medical information is never released, except to the person to whom the information applies or to a parent/legal guardian of that individual.


If you are looking for a name, address, or other personal information about someone, you will not receive that information unless you meet one of the federal authorizations set forth under Section III on the form!

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3. How can I get personal information?