Do you accept credit and debit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards except American Express.  There is also a $10 minimum purchase required.  We also have an ATM inside the main pavilion.

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1. What are your hours?
2. Are all your rides open today?
3. Are you open if it is raining? storming?
4. What are your hours on holidays? (Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day)
5. Where do I buy tickets?
6. How many tickets should I buy?
7. Can tickets be purchased online?
8. Can I use ride tickets from last year?
9. What are the prices for adult and children tickets?
10. How much is it for parking and admissions?
11. Do you have RV / Bus Parking available?
12. Do you accept credit and debit cards?
13. Do you have gift cards available for purchase?
14. Do you have wrist bands available for purchase?
15. What do I do if I lost something on a ride?
16. Can Bay Beach donate to our charity or fundraiser?
17. We are bringing a group of people to the park, what do I need to do?
18. I would like to have catering at my picnic, what do I have to do?
19. I would like to reserve a shelter, where do I get information?
20. Do you have grills available for the public to use?
21. What new rides do you have?
22. What are the height and weight requirements for certain rides?
23. What is your policy on Go-Pro Cameras on the rides?
24. What should I wear to go on rides?
25. Do you have swimming areas available? A beach?
26. Where are your restrooms located?
27. Do you have wheelchairs or strollers available for rent?
28. How old do you have to be to work at Bay Beach?
29. How do I purchase a brick or make a donation?
30. I purchased a brick, have they been put in the Zippin Pippin Plaza yet?
31. Are the ponies still there?
32. How late is hot food available?
33. Am I able to carry in food?
34. Where do I go if I need First-Aid?
35. Am I able to bring my dog to Bay Beach?
36. Who do I contact if we have a customer service situation?
37. Can I purchase a t-shirt or souvenir item online?
38. Do you have special events at Bay Beach?