What other requirements are there?

All properties being considered for the Commercial Façade Grant Program must have an environmental review conducted by City staff to ensure that the proposed project does not negatively impact the surrounding environment and that the property site itself is safe for development. Every project must follow the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA). Flood insurance must be maintained in perpetuity for properties located within the 100-year floodplain.

Projects may not begin until after a grant agreement is executed between the City and the project participant. No work/improvements conducted prior to the execution of the agreement (including materials ordered, preparation work, etc.) will be eligible for reimbursement. Projects must begin within 3 months of the grant award and be completed within 18 months after the project start date, subject to the grant agreement. Longer timelines may be considered depending on the size and scope of the proposed project. Requests to extend an approved timeline must be requested in writing to City staff. The request must include a revised timeline and explanation for delays. Please read the program's policies and procedures handbook for more information on program requirements.

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