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Bridge Lighting Application

    1. The purpose of the bridge lighting is to support an event of local, national or international significance, to support a local festival or event that positively impacts community spirit; to support a local, national or international awareness issue that builds community; acknowledge and welcome visiting dignitaries or international civic officials hosted by the City of Green Bay; or to pay tribute to well-documented local, state or national figures.
    2. The City of Green Bay has two bridges (The Ray Nitschke bridge and the Bart Starr Memorial bridge) that have LED color-changing lights.
    3. We welcome organizations, educational institutions, non-profits, and the like to apply.
    4. The City of Green Bay CANNOT create the colors silver, gold and black. However, the City of Green Bay CAN offer the colors of the rainbow as a pattern.
    5. The City of Green Bay has a preference for requests from local organizations (Brown County, WI).
    6. The City of Green Bay has a preference for well-known nationally recognized causes (e.g., Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, Red for Heart Health Awareness).
    7. The City of Green Bay lights bridges for all Packer games and will not accept requests from other organizations for those dates.
  2. What is the lighting scheme meant to honor, commemorate or highlight?
  3. Lighting Scheme
    You may request the bridges to be lit with rainbow colors, or you can request up to 3 different colors.
  4. Dates
    You may choose up to 3 different dates for this color scheme. The City of Green Bay will select one of these dates for your requested color scheme.
  5. Photography Tip
    The night of your bridge lighting, your organization may want to take a few photos. We suggest taking photos as near to perpendicular to the bridge as is possible to avoid distortion of the colors on the bridge.
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