Do I Need a Permit?

Building permits are required for most projects except for purely cosmetic projects such as painting and flooring.  The owner, who currently resides at the property, can obtain permits and do their own work.  All rental properties require a licensed contractor to pull the permit and perform the work. An applicant wishing to build or remodel an existing structure located within a regulated floodplain may be required to provide an itemized list of improvements to determine compliance with applicable Federal and State requirements.  For further details, please contact the Zoning Administrator, (920) 448-3300 or

Following is a list of common projects requiring a permit. Do you need a permit for your project? Find out below! 

Type of Work Permit Please Contact
Basement Alterations Yes Inspections
Bathroom Alterations Yes Inspections
Car Port Yes Inspections
Chimney Contact Inspections Inspections
Commercial Building Alterations Yes Inspections
Deck Yes Inspections
Deck-Decking board Replacement (Non-structural) No  
Door Install-Commercial (New or exact) Yes Inspections
Door New Opening-Residential Yes Inspections
Door Replacement-Residential (Exact) No  
Driveway Install, Alterations/Parking Slab Yes Inspections
Electrical Work Yes Inspections
Grading/Excavating (Over 4,000 SF land disturbance, 100 CY excavating) Yes Inspections & Public Works
Fence (Only if over 50 feet long) Yes Inspections
Fence-Under 50 Feet Long (Zoning setbacks/restrictions still apply) No  
Fireplace Yes Inspections
Fill (Over 100 CY) Yes DPW
Flooring (New carpet, tile, etc.) No  
Furnace Install Yes Inspections
Garage New Yes Inspections
Garage Addition Yes Inspections
Hot Tub, Whirlpool, Spa Yes Inspections
House Additions Yes Inspections
House Alterations (Structural) Yes Inspections
HVAC Work Yes Inspections
Insulation House Yes Inspections
Insulation Detached Garage No  
Interior Demolition Yes Inspections
Kitchen Cabinet Replacement No  
Landscaping No  
Landscaping New Wall/Berm Over 6 Feet Yes Inspections
Lawn Sprinkler System Yes Inspections
Move Building Yes  Inspections
New Drywall Yes Inspections
Patio Slab Yes Inspections
Plumbing Work Yes Inspections
Pond Yes Inspections
Pool (If permanent for season) (Small kiddie pools do not apply) Yes Inspections
Porch Install/Replacement Yes Inspections
Ramp Install Yes Inspections
Raze Building Over 150 SF Yes  Inspections
Raze Buildings Under 150 SF No  
Roofing Commercial (includes apartments with 3 or more units) Yes Inspections
Roofing Residential (No structural changes, i.e. replacing plywood sheathing) No  
Roofing Residential (With structural changes) Yes Inspections
Shed 0nly If Over 50 SF Yes Inspections
Shed-Under 50 SF (Zoning setbacks/restrictions still apply) No  
Sidewalks/Aprons/Curb In City Right-of-Way Yes Inspections & Public Works
Siding Commercial (Includes apartments - 3 or more units) Yes Inspections
Siding Residential No  
Signs Yes Planning
Sunroom Addition Yes Inspections
Tents-Residential No  
Tents-Commercial Over 400 Sf Yes Inspections
Water/Sanitary/Storm Connections Yes Inspections & Public Works
Water Heater New Yes Inspections
Water Heater Replacement-Change of Type (Gas to electric or electric to gas) Yes Inspections
Water Heater Replacement-Same Type (Electric to electric or gas to gas) No  
Water Heater - Changing Vent Types Yes Inspections
Window New Opening-Residential Yes Inspections
Window Replacement-Commercial (exact or new) Yes Inspections
Window Replacement-Residential (exact) No  
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If your property is in a Historic District you will need to apply for a certificate of appropriateness. Please call 920-448-3300 to verify if your property is in a Historic District.