Conservation & Maintenance

The Green Bay Public Arts Commission (GBPAC) oversees the care, maintenance, and conservation of the City of Green Bay's public art collection, and consults with other organizations about establishing sustainable maintenance programs for public art collections. The City currently has 250+ works of public art and this number is constantly on the rise. To maintain these works of art, the GBPAC is currently finalizing a maintenance program that uses skilled maintenance technicians, establishes detailed maintenance records for each piece of art, and when necessary seeks the skills of qualified fine arts conservators.

To report vandalism/graffiti damage to any piece of public art within Green Bay please contact


During the summer of 2017 students from the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay investigated the City to document several types of public art, as well as their physical condition and general description of each piece. The students then used this information to develop a public art inventory map. From the efforts of these students, the GBPAC now has a complete inventory of the public art located within the City and a general condition report of each piece.

Click the Image Below to View Public Art Inventory Map

Map of public art located in Green Bay

Future Plans

The GBPAC has a variety of plans to utilize this information to improve public art in Green Bay and increase community interaction with these pieces. This inventory will assist in the establishment of a maintenance plan focused on the repair of public art in greatest need first. In addition to developing this maintenance plan, the GBPAC intends to develop an interactive public art map that will assist residents and visitors in identifying and learning more about these pieces of public art.