Tree & Brush Trimmer License

An annual Tree and Brush Trimmer's License is required of a business or person who wishes to trim, cut or grind trees, branches, brush, leaves, stumps, or roots within private property in the City of Green Bay limits.

Blank application forms can be printed from this website, faxed, or obtained in person from the City Clerk's Office.

3 - Week Process for Approval

Application approval by the City may take up to 3 or more weeks. The 3-week process for approval of the application is as follows:

  1. City Clerk refers application to the City Council's Improvement and Service Committee
  2. Department of Public Works makes a recommendation to Improvement and Service Committee
  3. Risk Management Office reviews bond and certificate of insurance for proper coverage
  4. License is mailed to applicant from the City Clerk's Office

A license is current from when you receive your license until the next February 1 (per City Ordinances).

Obtaining a License

The following is the procedure to obtain a City of Green Bay Tree and Brush Trimmer's License:

  1. You must submit the completed application form and $25 fee (cash or check - no credit cards) to the City Clerk
  2. You must submit a $1,000 cash or performance bond to the Risk Management Office

After Obtaining Your License

After you obtain your license you must:

  • Come to the Department of Public Works each time with an address in the City where you are doing work that will be obstructing the right of way (sidewalk, curb, gutter, parking or traffic lanes) to obtain a free Obstruction Permit
  • Barricade the work area in compliance with the Traffic Control Manual for Street Construction and Maintenance Operation in the City of Green Bay, which is issued by the Department of Public Works.

Clean Up

Tree, branch, brush, stump, leaf, root, chip or mulch debris is the responsibility of the licensee. The City does not and will not collect this material.

Additional Information

Here’s a current list of Tree Trimmers (PDF) that have obtained licenses through the City of Green Bay.

Any questions, please contact Public Works, City Clerk or Risk Management.