No visit to Bay Beach Amusement Park would be complete without a few treats. Stop by one of our snack and refreshment stands to give you a little pick me-up during your day.

Our Concession Stand is located near the Ferris Wheel and Helicopters. Open at 10:00 AM

Concessions 2023 Menu
Concessions Cold Treats 2023 Menu

Our Pavilion is the big white building in the East parking lot. Open at 10:00 AM

Back Bar Hot Foods 2023 Menu
Back Bar Beverages and Treats 2023 Menu

Our Dippin Dots cart is located near the East Train Depot and the Ferris Wheel. Opens at 11:30 AM

Wheel Cart

Our Beach Treats is located near the kiddie rides. Open at 11:30 AM

Beach Treats 2023 Menu

Our Snack Shack is located between the Scrambler and our Souvenir Shop. Open at 11:30 AM

Snack Shack 2023 Menu

Our Grill is located by the Zippin Pippin. Open at 12:00 PM

Grill 2023 Menu

Ingredients and Allergens

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