No visit to Bay Beach Amusement Park would be complete without a few treats. Stop by one of our snack and refreshment stands to give you a little pick me-up during your day.

Our Concession Stand is located near the Ferris Wheel and Helicopters. Open at 10:00 AM


Our Pavilion is the big white building in the East parking lot. Open at 10:00 AM

Pavilion Menu
Back Bar Food Items

Wheel Cart is located up by the Big Wheel. Open at 11:30 AM

Wheel Cart

Our Pretzel Cart is located near the kiddie rides. Open at 11:30 AM

Pretzel Cart

Our Snack Shack is located between the Scrambler and our Souvenir Shop. Open at 11:30 AM

Snack Shack Menu

Our Grill is located by the Zippin Pippin. Open at 12:00 PM

Grill Menu

Ingredients and Allergens

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