General Information

  • Do not place personal property on or near the curb. It may be picked up by mistake and you may be charged.
  • No loose trash can be placed outside the cart, except during overflow weeks.
  • Trash cart must not be overflowing and lid must be closed to ensure collection.
  • Trash shall be drained and free of liquid, wrapped, packaged, and/or bundled.
  • Cold ashes and sawdust must be bagged and closed before being placed in the trash cart.
  • All invoices are sent to the property owner.
  • Construction, remodeling and demolition trash and materials are not collected by the city.

Business Clean Up

Any person(s) or business selling services for construction, remodeling, demolition, tree/brush trimming, or stump and wood chip removal is required to dispose of the resulting debris. If debris is left at the curb by the business, the City will dispose of it and the property owner will be billed for the actual cost of removal.