Art Grant Program

This program's funding is closed and grants are currently not available. Please check back for future funding opportunities.

Do you need funds to make your public art project a reality?

Here is everything you need to know about the Art Grant Program.

Artist, Casey Early Krueger installing large hinge sculpture titled Unhinged.


The Public Art Grant Program provides funds to artists/artist teams, creatives, makers, performers, arts organizations, and other cultural drivers, to enhance and increase arts and culture and public art opportunities within the city of Green Bay. Funded by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), funds are dedicated to supporting presentations, performances, workshops, research, and/or the creation of artwork within the City of Green Bay. The program strives to encourage artistic engagement, spur economic vibrancy, and revitalize Green Bay through the arts.

Professional artists of all disciplines, arts organizations, and other cultural drivers are encouraged to apply.


Applicants are eligible to receive a one-time grant between $2,500 - $10,000. This grant may be used to fully fund a project. No match is required. Funds cannot be used to retroactively fund completed projects or portions of projects but can be used for ongoing projects.

Eligible Projects

Qualified artists/organizations across disciplines are eligible to apply for support to carry out specific projects and activities. Eligible projects must take place within eligible census tracts and/or benefit low-to-moderate-income individual(s). An eligible census tract map can be accessed here. Contact staff for details on low-to-moderate income qualifications. 

Grantees will demonstrate tangible results of work undertaken and be able to provide proof of area benefit and/or low-to-moderate income individual(s) benefit. Proof may include but is not limited to; a map of the project location, artist tax return, audience data, survey results, etc. 

For questions or concerns about providing proof of eligibility, contact City staff: Laura Schley,

Examples of the types of projects applicants of varying disciplines might pursue with the support of this grant include, but are not limited to:

  • Teaching artists/organizations: curricula, digital learning modules, workshops, resource development
  • Visual artists/organizations: sculptures, paintings, studies, installations
  • Literary artists/organizations: manuscripts, proposals, drafts, research reports
  • Performance artists/organizations: performances, tours, events, video or audio recordings
  • Folk and traditional artists/organizations: textiles, instruments, beading, dolls, exhibitions, workshops
  • Media artists/organizations: films, scripts, interviews

Ineligible Projects

  • Previously completed projects (though clearly defined, and demonstrable portions of ongoing projects can be eligible)
  • Projects taking place outside of the city of Green Bay
  • Projects that do not take place within eligible locations and/or do not benefit low-to-moderate-income individual(s)
  • Rent or food assistance, or any type of artist relief to alleviate hardship without undertaking work
  • Honorifics or recognition awards based on past work without a plan to undertake work during the award period


Applications will be received on a rolling basis until all Art Grant funds have been expended. Applicants interested in applying for funds should anticipate applying for funds roughly two months prior to when funds are needed. Completed applications will be reviewed monthly during the Public Arts Commission meeting typically held on the fourth Wednesday of the month. Applicants interested in having their application reviewed must have all materials submitted at the latest by 5:00PM (CT) the second Friday of the month. Applications received after the second Friday of the month will be held for review until the next month. Applications must be submitted electronically via the City’s online form located below.

For technical assistance or application questions, email or call 920.448.3142.