University Avenue Corridor Redevelopment Plan

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University Avenue Corridor Study

In 2013, the City of Green Bay (the City) received a Brownfields Area Wide Planning (AWP) grant through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the University Avenue (UA) Corridor, which extends approximately 4 miles from the East River to the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay campus (UWGB). The corridor includes a mix of commercial and industrial properties and low- to moderate-income housing.

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The study was facilitated by members of the City of Green Bay Planning Department with assistance from Stantec Consulting, Inc. A Citizen Steering Committee (CSC) followed the process from beginning to end, receiving and discussing information, analyzing the data, and making recommendations on the UA AWP.

Veterans Administration Outpatient Clinic

Planning efforts for the corridor were spurred by the addition of a $60 million Veterans Administration Outpatient Clinic (VA Clinic) that opened in 2013. This state-of-the-art clinic is expected to serve as a catalyst for future development along University Avenue for support facilities such as hotels, housing, medical offices, restaurants, and other amenity services. These could drive development for several large vacant brownfields sites located within neighboring portions of the corridor.

Action Plan Development

The University Avenue Corridor traverses a large and diverse area of the City of Green Bay and lies adjacent to some of the city’s most significant ecological areas. Many parts of the corridor have been identified as needing revitalization or redevelopment. Such development on a large scale is not easy or quick. The Action Plan developed as part of the study gives specific direction on actions – some small, some large – that can be implemented immediately or over the next many years.

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