City of Green Bay Smart Growth 2022 Comprehensive Plan

This plan was unanimously adopted by the City on April 2, 2003, and is in compliance with the State of Wisconsin’s Smart Growth requirements. The preparation of the plan relied heavily on the participation of the citizens of Green Bay. The plan provides City leaders with a guide to use while assessing policy and development proposals.

Green Bay Housing Market Study

The City of Green Bay completed a Housing Market Study in 2020 with hopes of better understanding our existing housing market, where gaps exists, and where needs aren't being met. This Study gives a toolbox of targeted strategies to improve our housing market. 

Safe Walk & Bike Plan

The Safe Walk & Bike Plan was a collaborative effort between the City and Green Bay Area Public School District, meant to capture both a Safe Routes to School plan and a Bicycle & Pedestrian plan. Through an extensive year-long process, this plan was created to show opportunities in the "5 E's": Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, and Evaluation. 

District & Corridor Planning

Long-range planning is used to identify and recommend proper development policies for the City. Land use and development in the City is guided by the City of Green Bay Smart Growth 2022 Comprehensive Plan and a variety of other area plans, all of which encompasses a wide range of community interests, represents the community’s vision, comprehensively examines the community’s strengths and weaknesses, and allows implementation of needed planning policies which provide direction for the future and the best possible development for the City’s long-term success.

Neighborhood Plans

The City is actively working on neighborhood-specific plans. Please check back, or call our office, for more details.

Historic Preservation

Historic preservation efforts throughout the City are intended to protect and enhance sites or properties with special architectural, cultural, social, economic, or political history. Preservation is used to safeguard the City’s historic and cultural heritage, as well as stabilize and protect property values.

Target Investment Areas

Special areas of Green Bay are highlighted as Target Investment Areas to help put our Comprehensive, District, and Corridor Plans into action. These areas offer unique opportunities to investors and citizens, while displaying the character of our eclectic City. Our City’s Business Parks and Business Improvement Districts are also highlighted.

  1. Jon LeRoy

    Zoning Administrator/Senior Planner

  2. David Buck

    Principal Planner

  3. Stephanie Hummel

    Planner II

  4. Dena Mooney

    Planner I