Advertising Sizes

Choose from a variety of ad sizes:

King Bus Ads (Corioplast Boards)

King-Sized Advertisement

Kings are large ads on the side of the bus. They are viewed by people driving in their cars, walking on the sidewalks, or sitting in their offices looking out the windows.

Queen Bus Ads (Corioplast Boards)

Street-View of Side of Bus

Queen ads are located on the side of the bus and have the same viewers as the Kings. Queen bus advertisements are just slightly smaller to fit on certain size buses.

Tail Bus Ads (Corioplast Boards)

Tail of Bus Advertisement

Tail ads are excellent way to reach your audience while they are driving or sitting in traffic.

Interior Bus (Card Stock) Ads

Example of an Inside Advertisement

Interior advertising cards project your message to thousands of riders in our system. Riders can be exposed to your message multiple times for long periods of time each day.

Full Wrap (Vinyl) Bus Ads

Your Ad Here - A Full Wrap

Full wrap ads cover the entire bus including the windows. Full wraps make the most impact and are the most impressive of all bus advertisements.

King Kong Wrap (Vinyl) Bus Ads

King-Kong Sized Advertisement

King Kongs are large ads that are place on the sides of the buses from the top to the bottom between the wheels. These offer clients a distinctive presence on the buses in the market.

Super King Wrap (Vinyl) Bus Ads

Ultra-Super-King-Sized Advertisement

Larger versions of our King sign; Super Kings offer clients a more unique format for advertising with placement below the windows between the wheels.