Property Maintenance

Posting Building Numbers

Please refer to Section 9.31, Street Numbers, of the Municipal Code.

Maintenance of Exteriors

All areas of the exterior of home must be maintained including roof, siding, gutters, downspouts and paint.

Maintenance of Garages

Garages must be rodent-proof condition meaning all doors and windows must be intact and must be able to be closed tightly. There can be no holes anywhere in the structure.

Portable Storage Structures Prohibited

Portable Structures, enclosed by walls of fabric or plastic film, are prohibited in residential districts of the City of Green Bay per Section 13-615. Green Bay Zoning Code. **Structures will be ordered to be taken down.

Maintenance of Fences

Every fence either shall be kept in a reasonably good state of maintenance and repair or shall be removed, if not required.

Sump Pump Discharge

Green Bay Municipal Code requires sump pump discharge water to be directed so that it is not a nuisance and not toward a public sidewalk.