MissionSquare Retirement - Formerly ICMA

Contact MissionSquare regarding questions about the MissionSquare Retirement plan. Enrollment and changes to your plan can be made at any time by submitting the enrollment / change forms to Human Resources.

Contact Information

MissionSquare Retirement - Formerly ICMA

Brad Smith
Phone: 202-759-7166
Email: jbsmith@missionsq.org
Visit the MissionSquare Retirement website.

Deferred Compensation Plan Enhancements

A key to City of Green Bay’s success is having talented individuals like yourself join us in our pursuit. That’s why we strive to provide you access to benefit programs that help position you for personal and professional success. This includes our deferred compensation plan to help you achieve your retirement goals.

 We recently performed a review our deferred compensation plan with MissionSquare Retirement (formerly known as ICMA-RC).   During our review we learned of the many great things that MissionSquare has been doing for you as investors in their program.  We also uncovered opportunities to enhance your retirement planning experience.  We have added M3 Financial to assist with the management and education of our plan with MissionSquare Retirement.

 How does this help me as a current investor with MissionSquare?

  1. You will experience lower fees
  2. The investment options selected will be from a more diverse range of investment managers
  3. M3 Financial will provide additional financial advice and planning services to investors

 Is anything in my account changing?

Yes.  As referenced above, the fees charged to your account will be decreasing effective September 23, 2022.  In addition, many of the plans existing investment options will be moving to new investment options on this date.  These investment have been deemed more suitable for the plan based upon our independent review.  No action is required from you for these enhancements.

 Will I receive additional information on the new investment options?

Yes.  MissionSquare will send you an email, or package in the mail, based upon your previously stated communication preference.   This communication will include details on the new investment options.  This communication will be sent during the early part of August.

 I enjoy working with my contact at MissionSqure, does that need to change?

No.  Brad Smith at MissionSquare will continue to be available to assist you if you’ve enjoyed working with him.  Brad’s contact information is as follows: Phone (202) 759-7166 Email: jbsmith@missionsq.org

How do I schedule time with a teammate of M3 Financial?

You may set a personal appointment with our contacts, Grant Argall and Kelly Tyriver, at a time that is convenient for your schedule.  Links to their calendars for scheduling are as follows: 

Kelly: https://calendly.com/kellytyriverm3financial/let-s-chat-about-my-employer-s-retirement-plan

Grant: https://calendly.com/grant-argall-m3financial/20min

Education Webinar on August 10

M3 Financial will host a webinar on August 10 at 1:00 CST to discuss these improvements in greater detail.  Please use the Zoom link or phone information below to join the meeting:


or Phone: (301) 715 8592 Meeting ID: 996 2222 8652  Passcode: 537013

 We are also working to schedule on-site consultations dates for interested individuals over the next few months.  More details will follow on those meeting dates.

Deferred Compensation Documents