Special Events

Special Event Definition

The City of Green Bay defines a Special Event as one of the following displays which interferes with the normal flow or regulation of traffic upon the streets, sidewalks, and/or rights-of-way:

  • Athletic Event, Ceremony, Demonstration, Exhibition, March, Pageant, Parade, Procession, Race, or Show

Essentially, a Special Event takes place on public property including parks, streets, alleys, sidewalks, terraces, boardwalks, piers, landings, bodies of water, and the like. Special Events are open to the public. A Special Event can be as small as 200 people or as many as 50,000. Special Event Organizers may charge attendees or create an experience that is free. Events held on private property are not Special Events for the purposes of the City of Green Bay’s policies.

Read Green Bay Municipal Code Chapter 10 Article IX for detailed information about Special Events.

How to Host a Special Event

  1. Start by reading the Special Events Guide and consulting the Special Events Fee Chart.
    1. If you still have questions after reviewing those documents, you may contact the Special Events Coordinator by calling 920-448-3005.
  2. The next step is to fill out a Special Event Application.

Filming and Photography

If you are filming or using photography in a public space, please fill out the Special Events Application for Filming or Photography in Public Spaces.

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The Special Events ordinance in Green Bay Municipal Code Chapter 10 Article IX requires that a nonrefundable application fee to cover the administrative costs of processing the permit shall be paid to the City by the applicant. Please ensure that your application is complete and your event plan well prepared since this fee is nonrefundable. Additionally, please be aware that a cancellation fee may be charged for any events cancelled within 15 days of the scheduled event date.

For those events determined to be a special hazard event as defined in the Special Events ordinance, a Special Hazard Event Fee will be charged in addition to the Special Event Application Fee as directed under the ordinance.

Note that other fees and costs may be incurred and invoiced separately by other City of Green Bay departments for additional City services deployed for your event.

Failure to pay all fees associated with your Special Event will result in the Special Events Committee being unable to review any future applications.

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