Special Events

Special Event Definition

The City of Green Bay defines a ’Special Event’ as one of the following displays, which interferes with the normal flow or regulation of traffic upon the streets, sidewalks, or rights-of-way:Fourth of July Fireworks

  • Athletic Event
  • Ceremony
  • Demonstration
  • Exhibition
  • March
  • Pageant
  • Parade
  • Procession
  • Race
  • Show

How to Host a Special Event

Start by filling out a special event application. Please note that the Special Events Ordinance and fee structures have changed. For new fee structures, please see page 15 of the Special Events Booklet

COVID-19 Update

Due to the coronavirus, event organizers will:

  • Hold only simple or small events
    • Simple Events involve a small non-profit or neighborhood association where the principal applicants reside within the City of Green Bay city limits. Simple Events are limited to neighborhood or small non-profit Events that take place either in a City park or occur as a block party. Simple Events involve crowd sizes of less than 250 attendees, limited physical activity by participants, and no severe exposure of spectators to hazards. Simple Events may include, but are not limited to, picnics, annual meetings, movies in the park, and block parties.
    • Small Events involve crowd sizes of fewer than 1,000 attendees, as well as Events specifically designated as small Events, such as those involving limited physical activity by participants and/or no exposure of spectators to hazards. Small Events may include, but are not limited to, team or individual sporting Events, walks for charity, social gatherings, small-budget film making, music festivals, art festivals, farmers’ markets, performances and exhibitions.
  • Provide Single-serve or pre-packaged food items
  • Refrain from music performances
  • Serve pre-packaged soft drinks; no fermented malt beverages
  • Disallow food trucks
  • Provide activities or demonstrations where attendees can social distance
  • Provide hand-washing or sanitation
  • Routinely clean and disinfect
  • Encourage mask-wearing
  • Count  the number of attendees to ensure social distancing
  • Plan an event which, on the whole, accommodates social distancing for attendees and participants

The City of Green Bay Special Events Committee is following the Centers for Disease Control Guidelines https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/large-events/considerations-for-events-gatherings.html and Gating Criteria https://www.whitehouse.gov/openingamerica/.

Read Chapter 6.15 for detailed information about Special Events. 

Filming and Photography

If you are filming or using photography in a public space, please fill out the following form.
Special Events Application for Filming or Photography in Public Spaces