Liquor Sales

Chapter 33 (Tavern / Grocery Store / Gas Station, Etc)

Liquor sales in the City of Green Bay are regulated by the State of Wisconsin. All forms are taken from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue's Website. Read our Chapter 33 Ordinance on Alcohol and Beverage Licensing. 

Class "A" - Liquor Consumed Off Premises

  • Class "A" Beer: $250
  • Class "A" Liquor (including wine only): $250

Class "B" - Liquor Consumed on Premises

  • Class "B" Beer: $100
  • Class "B" Liquor and Beer Combination (Bar): $500

Temporary / Picnic Class "B" 

Class "C" Wine 

  • Strictly restaurants: $100


Procedure depends on the business entity applying for the license. All applicants must provide a copy of their Wisconsin Seller's permit that verifies the name on the liquor application is the same as that on the seller's permit.

  1. Sole Proprietor/Individual
  2. Partnerships & Corporations

Sole Proprietor / Individual

Forms include:


  • Class "A" or "B" Fee plus $25 Publication Fee

Additional Forms

Retail Lic Transfer-Premise to Premise (bar-same owner moves across street)
Retail Lic Transfer-Person to Person (see form for examples)