Public Records

View or print the Public Records Policy (PDF). To request records, fill out and mail in a Records Request Form (PDF) or complete the form online.

Public Records Requests

The public has a right to inspect and copy certain records under Wisconsin’s Public Records Law.  Requests to the City of Green Bay may be made orally or in writing and must be reasonably specific as to subject matter and time period. Please be clear and specific about what you are requesting as vague requests will take longer to fulfill and may be denied.  The City charges the actual, necessary and direct costs of locating the records, as well as transcription, digital recordings, and photocopies.  Pre-payment may be required if the costs exceed $50.00. You may submit your request in any of the following ways:

  • As an attachment to an e-mail sent to
  • By drop off in the City Hall Drop Box
  • By telephone at: (920) 448-3080.
  • By mail to:      
    City of Green Bay
    c/o Law Department
    100 N. Jefferson Street, Room 200
    Green Bay, WI 54301.