Stormwater Management Plans

Stormwater Management Plans address post-construction stormwater management required for proposed development and redevelopment projects when they meet the applicability requirements of Municipal Code Chapter 16, Article III

The following information must be included in the site plan submittal package that is submitted to the City’s Community and Economic Development Department when a project is required to meet the Municipal Code Chapter 16, Article III requirements: 

Installation Security Measures

During the City’s review of a submitted stormwater management plan, the City will request a security measure for the installation of a stormwater management practice. The security measure can be in the form of a cash bond, letter of credit or surety bond set at the following rates.

Land DisturbanceAmount
0.5 to 1.99 acres$5,000 or 15% of the estimated cost, whichever is greater 
2.0 to 4.99 acres$10,000 or 15% of the estimated cost, whichever is greater 
5 acres or greater$25,000 or 15% of the estimated cost, whichever is greater 

Post Construction 

After construction of an approved stormwater management practice, the City will conduct an as-built inspection and developers shall submit the following to the City to complete the project. 

Throughout the life of the post-construction stormwater management practice, the owner is required to conduct ongoing inspection and maintenance. The City will conduct periodic inspections every few years to evaluate the condition and ongoing maintenance of the stormwater management practice. 

Assistance Programs

Some financial assistance is available where privately owned stormwater management is required. 

The City established a competitive ARPA funded grant program that is available for innovative and sustainable stormwater management improvements. The program is available for a limited time in 2024 while funding exists. 

Properties that provide privately constructed and maintained detention or retention facilities that restrict surface water discharge to the rate and volume as established in City standards are eligible to apply for a 10 percent credit in the number of applicable ERUs. 

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