Construction Site Erosion Control

Erosion control plans and permits are required for land development or land disturbing construction activities that meet the applicability requirements of Municipal Code Sec. 16-34. - Applicability and jurisdiction. When required, submit application and erosion control plan demonstrating reasonable compliance with Chapter 16, Article II , Green Bay Municipal Ordinance prior to commencing land-disturbing construction or land development activity.

Residential, Commercial or Other Types of Construction 

The following information must be included in the site plan submittal package that is submitted to the City’s Community and Economic Development Department when an erosion control permit is required for a new development or redevelopment:

The review fee for an Erosion Control Plan is $100, except for one and two family residential, which is $50. Payments are collected by the Community and Economic Development Department when the permit is issued. 

Underground Utilities

An erosion control permit is required when underground utility construction involves laying, repairing, replacing, or enlarging of an underground pipe, wire, cable, or facility for a total length of 300 feet or more. This distance does not have to be contiguous, instead, it should represent the total of all excavations/installations for the project. The fee for an erosion control permit application is $100 for underground utilities. An Erosion Control Permit Application (PDF) may be submitted directly to the Public Works Department at or the application may be submitted with DPW’s Utility Letter Permit application process. 

Non-permitted Erosion Control

Even if a project does not require an erosion control permit, City of Green Bay municipal ordinance still requires landowners and contractors to take reasonable steps to contain sediment and minimize erosion during construction. The following guidance was created to help landowners and contractors be aware of the requirements. If you have any questions about how to manage erosion control for your projects, call (920) 448-3100 and ask to speak with an Erosion Control Specialist or email

Erosion and Sediment Control: Non-permitted Projects (PDF)

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