Stormwater Utility

The City of Green Bay Stormwater Utility was established for the management of stormwater and other surface water discharges within the City and to establish dedicated funding of this work. The development of land increases impervious surfaces which results in increased stormwater runoff and impacts stormwater quality. Managing this increased stormwater runoff is necessary for the protection of the water resources in and around the City, as well as mitigating impacts to City’s residents and businesses. The Stormwater Utility is regulated by the DNR through the City’s MS4 – municipal separate storm sewer system permit. 

Further information about the Stormwater Utility and rates can be found under Chapter 42, Article IV. of Green Bay Municipal Ordinance. 

Stormwater Utility Rates 

Stormwater Utility rates are billed on a property owner’s water bill by Green Bay Water Utility, on behalf of the City’s Stormwater Utility. In 2024, the Stormwater Utility monthly rate is $11.37 per ERU – equivalent runoff unit. An ERU is based on the average impervious area of a fully developed single-family parcel within the City. An ERU is set at 3,000 square feet. The calculation of the ERU charges are done by the City in accordance with the requirements specified in Chapter 42 Article IV. 

Chapter 42, Article IV does provide some limited credit opportunities for non-residential properties subject to Stormwater Management Plan requirements or that direct discharge to the waters of Green Bay, Fox River or East River. A credit application is required Stormwater Credit Application to apply for an eligible credit.