Youth Apprenticeship Arborist Program

The City of Green Bay is excited to announce the implementation of the Arborist Youth Apprentice Program through the Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship Program. In 2022 the State of Wisconsin announced a new opportunity for high school students and created the Arborist Youth Apprenticeship. Through this program, junior and senior high school students can learn about professional tree care as a career path through a multi-year program where students are exposed to several competencies (22) including; tree biology/function, safe working practices with equipment, Proper pruning and planting techniques and proper techniques to work in trees using rope and saddle!

This is a new and exciting program available to students to explore a fulfilling and good paying career opportunity that many students are not aware of. We hope that this program will become an avenue for young adults to learn about and gain experience in a profession that has several career opportunities and paths for post high school education including a 2-year technical and 4-year University options.

To find out more about this program, visit or read the NEWYA information sheets (PDF). Please note, students and parents should work with their school's guidance counselors to apply for this great opportunity. The City of Green Bay cannot accept applications directly.