Historic Survey Update

An update to the City's Historic Intesive Resources Survey is underway! This multi-year, multi-phase project kicked off in May of 2021 with Legacy Architecture, Inc. Each year, a new phase/neighborhood will be surveyed to determine the historical integrity of each property and the area as a whole. Phasing maps can be found here. 

Phase I Final Report can be found here.
Phases 2, 3, and 4 Final Report can be found here.
Phases 5, 6, and 7 Final Report can be found here.
Check back for future updates on upcoming phases!

Find our current Intensive Survey from 1988 here. 

What's an Intensive Survey? Find out more here!

Have any questions or a fun history of your house to share? E-mail Landmarks Commission staff at Stephanie.Hummel@greenbaywi.gov or Jason.Flatt@greenbaywi.gov.

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