Parklets are a constructed platform that repurpose curbside parking spaces for expanded pedestrian use. Parklets can facilitate uses such as outdoor dining spaces, public seating areas, and can be licensed by applying for a Class B license under the Sidewalk Cafe Permit. Parklets will be allowed May 1st through October 31st. 

Please review our handbook (PDF) to learn more about the Parklet Program. An online application or a  PDF application can then be filled out for City review. View an example (PDF) online for your reference. 

Downtown Parklet Grant Program

If you are a business owner in or within a half-mile of Tax Increment District (TID) #5, you are eligible to apply for the Downtown Parklet Grant Program. The grant provides funds up to $5,000 to use towards materials or construction of a parklet. View the Downtown Parklet Grant Program Application Guide (PDF) online. Applications are currently being accepted and will be reviewed monthly as long as funds are available. Please contact Erin Rovinski at or (920) 448-3305 before submitting your application.

Street Parklet