School Resource Officers

The Green Bay Area Public School District has 11 school resource officers, which serve all 42 of the District’s schools. The District’s School Resource Officer Program (SRO) is governed by School Board Policy 882.1.  Lieutenant Keith Gering currently supervises the 11 officers that work in the schools during the school year. 


SROs perform a connection between the District and law enforcement, and when necessary, provide resources to youth, parents, guardians, schools, law enforcement agencies, human services, juvenile court, victims, and the community. The SRO serves as an educator, informal counselor, and a law enforcer. SROs contribute to the school team by ensuring a safe and secure campus, educating students about law-related topics, and mentoring by serving as role models for students.


Work to enhance the safety and security of students, staff and the community in order to maintain an environment in which education and learning can take place. Balance the duties of police service in the schools reflecting the community education role and the law enforcement role. Focus on relationship-building through positive interactions, crime prevention and investigation, and education, in addition to supporting school attendance efforts.

  1. Lt Keith Gering

    Keith Gering

    School Resource officer Lieutenant