Inclusive Playground


For five generations, Bay Beach Amusement Park has been a community destination for all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. While the City's playgrounds are accessible, following ADA guidelines, Green Bay's first all-inclusive playground at Bay Beach will enable everyone in the family to have fun, be challenged, develop, grow, and engage together. Developing currently unused space at the park will create new opportunities throughout the year for visitors to socialize, rest, play, and make memories.

For anyone unfamiliar with Bay Beach, the new all-inclusive playground will help improve the community's quality of life in a number of measurable factors. These include reducing childhood obesity, providing outdoor recreation and leisure activities, supplying hands-on education opportunities, and many others.

Why Play?

Play is an essential component in helping children develop critical social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills. These skills transcend the playground and lay the foundation for adulthood.

A safe and accessible environment

A poured-in-place surface which is the number one safety rated, fully accessible surface.

Inclusive Playground

Specialized equipment for safety, accessibility, and fun!

Zip Venture Duo

ZipVenture Duo & Freedom -- With a seat designed specifically for back and core support, this fun ride promotes interaction when another child, caregiver or parent pushes the seat to provide momentum. This exciting and engaging ride helps keep kids moving while developing spatial awareness, imaginative and social play, balance coordination, and strength.

Konnection Swing

Konnection Swing -- An incredible experience that promotes intergenerational play, engagement and interaction when adults and children swing together.

Freedome SwingFreedom Swing -- The feeling of freedom and flying while the ground fades away allows children of all abilities to enjoy the childhood joy of swinging in a safe and secure swing seat created just for them.
Brava Universal Swing

Brava Universal Swing -- A unique and completely new way for children to swing themselves, it redefines swinging as not just simply pumping your legs but using whatever part of your body you're most comfortable with -- arms, core or legs.

Orb Rocker

Orb Rocker -- A whole new take on rocking that provides opportunities for teamwork and collaboration. The Orb Rocker helps children develop skills that transcend the playground while having so much fun!

Innova Rocker

Innova Rocker -- Enhances inclusive play and allows all children to play independently while developing balance, coordination, communication and social skills. It brings everyone together at the heart of the action and provides a true universal play experience for children of all abilities.

Inclusive Orbit

Inclusive orbit -- Kids of all abilities will enjoy the spinning motion, sensory benefits and ease of entry with the platform flush to the surfacing. Children will develop necessary skills and have so much fun on this exciting, spinning social space.

Volta Inclusive Spinner

Volta Inclusive Spinner -- A spinning social space designed for users of all shapes, sizes, and abilities and the outward facing seat has an 18" high seat for wheelchair transfer.

Serenity Spot

Serenity Spot -- Learn, socialize, sit, relax, play, engage--all this and more are the purpose behind the creation of the Serenity Spot. A fort-like environment with games, a rubber kick pad and a variety of activities that can be calming and allow the expression of stimming behaviors, this is a place where everyone is welcome to be themselves.

Play EnsembleMusical components -- Therapeutic, multi-sensory play for all. Musical experiences help accelerate child development intellectually, socially and emotionally as well as enhance overall motor skills, language and literacy
Movmnt Extreme

Extreme MOVMNT -- A huge video game that disguises exercise as entertainment and fosters healthy competition and determination. It will test your fitness, your agility and your speed. It's for people of all ages and abilities. 
Stainless Steel Slide

Steel Slide -- Slides help develop children's balance and coordination, increase self-confidence and provide thrilling fun.

Roller SlideRoller Slide -- Offers a unique sensory experience combined with an opportunity for children to interact while sliding together.
5-12 Playspace

5-12 Playspace -- A large modular playground with hours of play. Ramps go up to a 48" deck with lots of fun engaging features with tons of play value on and off the ramps/decks/climbers. Slides of variety of heights that offer different riding experiences -- twists and turns, tunnels, metal and straight and fast.

Tot Play 2Tot Play 1Tot Lot -- Playground geared for 2-5 year olds. The playground offers social, physical, emotional, creative play. Variety of age-appropriate height slides, including a Roller Slide which offers a unique sensory experience. Some challenging climbing experiences to get up and off the ground. A variety of play panels that offer sensory with sound and movement, fine motors with different small pieces to move along a track, Braille Panel, games to play with others, and cut out face panels for fun photo opportunities and pretend play
Playhouse with tunnelPlayhouse with Tunnel -- A fun cognitive, imaginative space that is perfect for children to pretend, engage or find a quiet space when littles need it. The door is wide enough for a wheelchair to enter and engage in the fun of imagination. 
ShadeShade play Canopies -- Shade canopies provide protection from the sun with 97% UV screen protection and are designed to withstand up to 90mph winds

A huge thank you to the Friends of Bay Beach and the generous donors that have made this playground possible.