Firearms Safety and Storage

It is important for every firearm owner to be responsible and safe with their firearms. While using the firearm, remember to keep the gun pointed in a safe direction, never rely on your gun’s “safety”, and be sure of your target and what is beyond it. It is important to wear ear and eye protection. Don’t modify your gun and be sure to have your firearms serviced regularly to keep them functioning properly.

Another important aspect of responsible firearm ownership is in the storage of the firearms. We have a limited number of gun locks available for free. Some firearms and sporting goods stores may have some available for free or available for purchase. Gun safes are also an option for gun storage.  Remember, the gun locks and safes only work if you use them!  Teach the other members of your household about gun safety (keep in mind age appropriate information).

The Green Bay Police Department does not offer firearms classes. Private businesses, local technical colleges, and the Wisconsin DNR offer hunter safety/firearm safety courses.