ARPA Recovery Funding

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 Survey

Mayor Genrich and the Common Council of the City of Green Bay requested your feedback on the use of $23.7 million for our community.

The American Rescue Plan (ARPA) was signed into law on March 11, 2021, and will deliver $350 billion to eligible state, local, territorial, and tribal governments to aid in the response to and recovery from the COVID-19 emergency. In addition to the eligible funding objectives outlined below, the City will use a portion of the ARPA funds based on a calculation of the revenue lost due to COVID-19 to strengthen and support the provision of City services. 

The federal government will provide half of the ARPA funds in 2021, and the balance in 2022. The City will have until December 31, 2024 to obligate these funds and must spend them all by 2026.  

Funding Objectives

The federal legislation, which was adopted by Congress, has offered this relief to state and local governments, allowing us the City to offer much-needed relief in the following ways:

Addressing Negative Economic Impacts

  • Respond to small business and/or hardest hit industries in low-to-moderate census tracts.

Providing Infrastructural Investments in Eligible Categories

  • Make necessary investments in local capital improvements such as stormwater and drinking water.

The following is the Vision and current Strategy themes for the City of Green Bay.  We are asking for you to keep these in mind when answering the following short survey.

Vision: The City of Green Bay: Champions of Community, Livability and Opportunity


  1. Balanced and Equitable Community Development
  2. Employee Recruitment and Engagement
  3. Commitment to Service Excellence
  4. 21st Century Infrastructure
  5. Long Range Fiscal Strength and Sustainability.

ARPA Fiscal Recovery Funds

Item #Project NameRequisition No.RequestedExpensedBalance

First Tranche of Funds from the TreasuryPlaced in Separate Account

3-2-001Administrative ExpensesApproved March 2021
10-6-001FY22 Rev Replacement 1-time PurchasesApproved October 2021$655,000.00$655,000.00$11,150,067.54
9-2-006NIBIN Approved 12-21-2021Requisitioned$188.358.00$0.00$11,150,067.54
9-2-009Lot Cop Approved 12-21-2021Bid awarded, Needs Approval$40,000.00$0.00$11,150,067.54
9-1-008Recruit / Retain Police OfficersApproved not implemented$88,000.00$0.00$11,150,067.54
12-3-001Gun Shot Detection SystemRFP Process$655,000.00$0.00$11,150,067.54
1-5-001Roosevelt St. Green InfrastructureNot Approved 2-8-2022$360,000.00$0.00$11,150,067.54
1-5-003S. Van Buren Green InfrastructureNot Approved 2-8-2022$570,000.00$0.00$11,150,067.54
7-5-001Rain Barrel-Rain GardenRFQ Process$60,000.00$0.00$11,150,067.54
5-5-001E. Seymour Park StormwaterApproved February 2022$1,000,000.00$0.00$11,150,067.54
2-6-001RoadsApproved February 2022$1,500,000.00$0.00$11,150,067.54
2-3-002Body-worn CamerasPaid$307,316.25$307.316.25$10,842,751.29
2-2-003City Façade ProjectApproved February 2022
2-2-004Blueprint Business AcceleratorApproved February 2022
2-2-005Farmers MarketsApproved February 2022
2-2-006Tourism GrantsApproved February 2022

Remaining Balance$10,842,751.29

View the Resolution Adopting the City's Plan for Expenditure of Funds Received Pursuant to the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 from the December 7, 2021 meeting of the Common Council. 

The City of Green Bay was allocated $23,695,516 through the American Rescue Plan Act.  These Fiscal Recover Funds (FRF) are being sent in 2 payments (tranches).  We have received the first payment only so the spending is based on half of the total allocation.

Allocation by Category

Capital Needs, Organizational Priorities$10,000,000.00$2,662,316.25
Affordable Housing and Small Business Support$6,000,000.00
Stormwater, Green Infrastructure, Climate Resilience$3,000,000.00
Crime Prevention and Neighborhood Enhancement$2,000,000.00
Arts, Culture, Tourism$1,500,000.00$250,000.00$1,250,000.00

ARPA Funding - Allocation by Category