Retail Theft Reduction Initiative

​The Green Bay Police Department undertook a Retail Theft Reduction Initiative in 2016. At the beginning of the year the Department experienced a rise in the number of retail thefts. Retail thefts make up a large number of police calls.

Initiative Work With Stores

The Police Department worked closely with retail stores to improve store environmental design and procedures. The Department also held two summits for retail store management and loss prevention employees to exchange best practices, ideas, and information with the Police Department. 

New Procedures

In addition to building partnerships with stores, the Department changed procedures for retail thefts.

Before the initiative, only offenders who had been cited for retail theft four or more times were brought to the Brown County Jail and charges referred to the District Attorney’s Office. Suspects cited for third or fewer offense were cited and released at the store.

The new procedure involves arresting every offender and bringing them to the Police Department to be fingerprinted, photographed, cited, then released at the Department. Offenders arrested for their third or higher offense are brought to the Brown County Jail, fingerprinted, booked, and charges referred to the District Attorney’s Office.

Continuing Work

The Department continues to look for opportunities to reduce retail theft in the City of Green Bay through relationships with retail stores and employees, and strategies within the department.