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Emergency Order #15

On March 27, 2020, Governor Evers and DHS Secretary-Designee Palm issued Emergency Order #15 banning evictions and foreclosures for 60 days. This order runs through May 26, 2020. As part of the order, landlords may not serve notice terminating a tenancy for not paying rent or for any other reason, unless the notice is accompanied by an affidavit establishing reasonable belief, and the basis for that belief, that failure to commence eviction proceedings will result in an imminent threat of serious physical harm to another person. 

Note that this does NOT exclude the tenant from still being responsible for paying rent, and once the ban expires, landlords may proceed as normal.

View the DATCP Landlord Tenant COVID-19 FAQs website. 

View the Resource Guide for Renters and Landlords in Brown County document. 

  • Emergency Order #15 prohibits landlords from serving a notice (5 day, 14 day, or 30 day) commencing a civil action of eviction or delivering a writ of restitution to the Sheriff for any reason, including failure to pay rent, for 60 days starting March 27th, unless accompanied by an affidavit alleging the imminent threat of serious physical harm to another person.
  • The Emergency Order does not affect any residential lease terms other than those relating to the eviction process
  • Provision 11 in the Emergency Order states the tenant must still pay rent
  • Does not affect the operation of allowing a landlord to evict a tenant if the tenant hold over after the expiration of a lease
  • No eviction will be granted unless the landlord has an affidavit that a reasonable belief that the failure to proceed would result in an imminent threat of serious physical harm to another person.
  • Sheriffs are prohibited from acting on these types of eviction orders without such an affidavit.
  • Under Emergency Order 28 section 3, landlords are only allowed to inspect for emergency maintenance.