Inside GBPD

The Green Bay Police Department has been serving and protecting the citizens of Titletown, USA since its official founding on August 27, 1857. While we are proud of over 150 years of continuous service, we are prouder still of using innovative methods and technologies to provide the best law enforcement service possible to the citizens of Green Bay.

Mission Statement

Please read our mission statement; it is our cornerstone and the philosophy we live by.

Community Partnership

The Green Bay Police Department is an innovative, problem oriented policing agency that is continually striving to improve the level of service we provide to our citizens. We recognize that we can be more successful when we engage the community and foster positive relationships.

Contact Us

We rely on citizens to be our eyes and ears, reporting crimes, disorder, and nuisances that affect the overall quality of life in our city.

We are proud to have numerous conduits for citizens to use to contact us, including our website and Facebook page.

Submit Information Anonymously

Citizens can also submit information anonymously to Crime Stoppers at the Green Bay Area Crime Stoppers website or by calling 920-432-7867 920-432-STOP). Thank you for visiting!