Park Development and Plans

City of Green Bay Park, Recreation and Open Space Plan 2014-2019
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"Over the past few decades the trend in American society has been toward an increase in leisure time and the need for recreation and open space has been acknowledged as a prerequisite to good mental and physical health. Park development can also be an effective way to preserve, protect, and enhance environmentally significant areas for the enjoyment and benefit of present and future generations.

The preparation of this park, recreation, and open space plan is an important step toward achieving a park system that meets the recreational and environmental needs of the Green Bay community. A mission statement, along with goals and objectives, have been developed as guidelines to be used in formulating plans for facility development and acquisition needs.

The inventory section of the plan outlines the existing park areas. A set of general guidelines is identified in the Needs Assessment Chapter in an effort to provide a means for analyzing Green Bay’s park system. The Action Plan chapter contains recommendations for the next five years. These recommendations pertain to general development strategies, parkland expansion, acquisition and specific facility development recommendations. The implementation chapter contains general strategies for fulfilling the recommendations set forth by the plan.

This plan is the result of a joint effort between the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department and the Planning Department. Subsequent review and approval of the plan by the Park Committee and City Council, along with approval by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, will continue the City of Green Bay’s eligibility for financial assistance through state and federal funding programs."