VI. Transit Exclusion Procedure

After staff determines that there have been repeated or serious incidents of inappropriate conduct by an individual, and it is determined that the individual involved should be excluded from transit facilities and/or services or that conditions should be placed on the individual’s continued use thereof:

  • The Operation Supervisor will issue, or cause to be issued, to the individual involved a written exclusion letter from Metro facilities, including services as may be warranted. The letter shall indicate the reasons for the exclusion, the time period of the exclusion, and the facilities and/or services to which the exclusion order applies. If continued use of transit facilities and/or services is made subject to safety conditions or restrictions (eg., presence of a parent or guardian in the case of a juvenile; accompaniment by a personal care attendant or aide), a conditional exclusion letter may be issued specifying that the individual will be subject to exclusion unless the imposed restrictions are complied with. The letter shall also advise the individual of his/her right to appeal the decision and include a copy of the appeal procedure. The Operation Supervisor shall provide a copy of the letter to the Transit Director and will inform all staff involved, who have a need to know, about the reasons for and length of the exclusion.
  • At the discretion of the Operation Supervisor, a juvenile may be restricted to use of Metro services only when the juvenile is accompanied by a responsible designated adult for a designated period of time. The juvenile’s parent or guardian must be notified of the restriction via certified mail. Failure to abide by the restriction may lead to exclusion under this policy.